Mwokozi- A Poetic Expression of the Christmas Glee In Africa

Have you ever spent Christmas in Africa? Have you experienced the bright colours and glee of people who dwell proudly in Black and Brown skins, laying-off every worries, to celebrate the birth of a Saviour(Mwokozi) that they believe in? How have you not beheld the troupes that sashay into church on Christmas mornings to say hello to Mary and hallow the Mwokozi himself?

In this poem by Awodipe Abosede Temitope, she(The Poet) chooses to see her festive world through the eyes of a young, inquisitive African girl.

This girl has witnessed all the fun that happens around her and these lead her to inquire of the divine, the similarities that tie the fun of the “olden age” and the fun of her own African space together.

Now, what’s a post-Christmas without some reflection and a feast of inquisitiveness from a little African girl?

Make sure to have cup of soda by your side, a plate of Piri Piri Chicken or maybe a plate of Amala(Lol), while you relish this beautiful piece of poetry.

Mwokozi- The Poem

“Hail Mary, hail Mary”, softly we beckon
We beseech that you send the
Serenity–voiced, mercy flowing upon us
It’s been years, months, weeks and days
We call, yet, no response forms

Archangels tell us, you had gotten our request
And had kept it on record, for your Son to pass to God
Hey, Mary, Pending the time you would get back to us
Can you laden our wits, with tales of his birth?
From varying sources, we hear varying stories
Was he really born of a virgin womb that’s yours?
Birthed like us? Or just came through?

You know, we hear he was gifted precious valuables
And we can’t but wonder, if he was Nelson Mandela of the olden age
Oh pardon! My manners Ma’am, for the disrespect
I am just an inquisitive daughter, who wouldn’t
Stop looking for weird answers

However, there is a celebration going on, in the world
With green and red apparels
Designs of Ankara and Adire in different patterns
I behold the savoury of Jollof, Piri-Piri Chicken
Quite a numbers of humans—I know and don’t know—
Cheering with joyful dance steps to the rhythms of Juju and Fuji music

“Hey, what’s the celebration about?”
“It’s about the birth of a savior, years ago”
Hail Mary, Mother of God, blessed are thou, among all women
And blessed is the fruit of your womb, our Mwokozi

The Poet:

Mwokozi- A Poetic Expression of the Christmas Glee In Africa

Awodipe Abosede Temitope is an event host/MC, Songwriter and a vast administrator.
She obtained a National Diploma in Office Management from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria. And currently, she is running her BSc program (Public Administration) in Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

She is mostly inspired by the people around her, and the atmosphere of her environment. When she is not creating, she is definitely learning new things or meeting new folks.