INNOCENT OGBONNA: Is Africa Still In A Sneak Peek Of The Future?

Saturday, Nov 21, 2020. 9:14 AM.

The authority expressed by covid-19 in 2020 could be ascribed to that of a dictator, devoid of respect for human rights but forcing humans to do the right things for the continuity of existence. There has been a rush for the gush of technological advancements across the world which without any doubt are a herald of the waiting future, yet one begs to ask if Africa is a participant in the offerings of the unseen time.

Unsurprisingly, concerns from the first world countries have been communicated through various intervention programmes as, ironically, Africa happens to be the finger that feeds them. Painfully, Nigeria as the giant who has refused to take up his responsibilities of leading, providing and protecting is rather interested in snuffing out the many highly demanded resources wrapped in those bearing his identity. 

African youths as well as Nigerians,however, have shown up strong in the different spheres of life, maximizing the technology available to them as a voice for their ingenuity to be heard. Still, it should be a bother that the ruins gladly meted out by the incumbent governments across the continent might take forever to repair, for restoration to smile at every black blood.  
Even as the whole world is certain of an end, the overturn of its current order, will Africa survive the future of the now by swiftly embracing the amazing developments or will survive staring?


Innocent Ogbonna is a Content writer, Photography enthusiast, Brand strategist, Pro-Drummer and an aspiring On-Air-Personality. His works bother around the major themes of Love, Faith, African resplendence, and the Uncertainties of life. His grandiloquence and attention to detail is such that unfalteringly beckons the perusal of anyone, however “high and mighty” or “low and wimpish”, and with this, he has crossed boundaries and shaped thoughts.

When Innocent is not creating, he can be found exploring various musical genres or interacting with like minds.
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CREDITS: The cover image was shot by Innocent Ogbonna on an Android device, as a muse for this article.


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