Ewa Agoyin- A Nigerian Delicacy?| by Dehinde Mary

Ewa Agoyin

Ewa Agoyin

I might have been living under a rock all my life since it just came to my knowledge that Ewa Agoyin isn’t a Nigerian delicacy, talk less, a Yoruba dish.

“How did she come to know?”, you’d ask me? Well, a friend once attended a Togolese wedding where they served her the dish. When she told me, I was shell-shocked. And when I researched, I found out that there are some arguments about the ownership of this delightful dish. Truth be told, Nigerians just adopted the delicacy.

You can find Ewa Agoyin at roadside eateries (Bukas), restaurants, and sometimes, hawkers just do the deal. One can modify the recipe to suit his/her taste; those who do not like pepper can make the sauce less peppery by adding a bit of tomato sauce. You can also decide to reduce the quantity of oil and probably the heat of it.

Ewa Agoyin


These are some helpful tips to achieve that original Togolese Aganyin sauce taste:

  •    Use more of the dried Cameroon pepper than the dried Cayenne (Shombo) pepper.
Ewa Agoyin
  •    Make sure to heat the palm oil well, to a whiskey-like colour- like the one used to prepare ofada sauce.
  •    Never soak the dried peppers in warm water for a long time.
  •    After introducing the blended pepper into the oil, reduce the heat. This will prevent the sauce from burning- affecting its taste.
Video from Sisi Jemimah

There are some food manufacturing companies that produce the powdery form of this sauce, all you need to do is to mix in little water and fry in your heated oil. This is so much easier isn’t it? But, you’d have to agree that this wouldn’t taste like the real Agoyin sauce!

You can serve Ewa Agoyin with various accompaniments. You can serve it with boiled/fried plantain or yam, garri Ijebu and also ‘Agege’ bread.

Ewa Agoyin
Ewa Agoyin- Debbie Innovation World
Ewa Agoyin
The Ewa Agoyin- Sisi Jemimah
Ewa Agoyin
Ewa Agoyin- My Active Kitchen
Ewa Agoyin
The Ewa agoyin- Dreamstime

Aren’t these enticing? All I can say is the Togolese can definitely whip something up!!

Rule of thumb: The actual spelling of the delicacy is Ewa Aganyin but I chose to stick with a spelling that everyone is familiar with. *winks*

Reference: Dooney’s Kitchen.

Written by Dehinde Mary

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