Enjoy Gabriel Afolayan’s Mash-up Of African Folklore Music

Gabriel Afolayan is always at it with his covers of songs that cut across various kinds of musical genres. He does this with the Underdog TV and he never fails to give us his best! As he meanders around genres like Reggae, Afrobeats, Alternative, Highlife and Fuji, he always gives us that nostalgic feeling of contentment. And now, he is onto Folklore music! What more can we get?!

Remember the days of moonlight tales, when we used to sit around campfires at night to dance, sing, play indigenous games and listen to tales from the wisest elders in the village? Oh, the euphoria! If as an African, you have not experienced this before, you must have heard stories of it from older people or maybe you’d have read of it in indigenous novels, plays or poems. Whichever way, there’s the feeling of home that accompanies it.

In this episode of Underdog Covers With Gabriel Afolayan, Gabby brings Folklore right to our doorstep, majorly playing around Nigerian sounds. With his usual energy, he delivers the melodies and leaves us drooling for more. You should watch for yourself and feel the rhythms of beautiful African Folklore culture!


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