Ember Demons– A Creative Write-up By JIMOH ASIAT AYOBAMI

Who birthed the belief that there are bloodsucking demons that operate specifically in the ember months? Yunno, the idea of ember demons. 
Well, whoever she is, I hope she died an honourable death. By honourable, I mean – I hope her children and children’s children bought a cow and chose an Owambe colour to celebrate her departure. There’s nothing more honourable than that, is there? Oops. There is. I hope everyone ate at the celebration. Because only then, can we be assured that the Angels on duty were convinced of her goodness and gave her the password to the cool-spot and not the hot one. 

You’re probably guessing how I knew her identity. Well, it’s easy. This is Africa and African men are too busy, to come up with creative fictions like “there are blood sucking demons that operate specifically in the ember months”. They are way too busy to have time for that. I mean, these are patrons and ambassadors of Patriarchy FC – the bottom of gossips and girly and womanly stuff is definitely not where you’ll find them. These are men of war, for crying out loud! 

Africa is synonymous to celebration and not even ember demons can stop the gyrations with which we send the year forth. I mean, can you imagine not celebrating the birth of Yetunde? This Yetunde who has come to replace the late Iya Agba o. You bet Iya Agba will come as a strong breeze next visiting day. Then, it would require more than just a ceremony to appease her. Who knows what she’ll request for? Let’s talk about something else, please.  

There’s also N’golo’s wedding ceremony coming up.  Who’ll tell his mother to not celebrate? Who’ll tell her to not put the roving mouths in their place with a ceremony that matches the status of his late father? Really, who’ll tell her to not celebrate because of some roaming “ember demons”? She will and may even invite her own relatives from the west – opportunities to pepper them to quiet about her marital choice don’t come everyday. 

The Mwangis will be moving to their new home. They’ll have to prove that they’re as humble as before these blessings came. Presumed pride isn’t good for them or their business – we all know their history. What better way to express humility than to call the drummers and singers to entertain people while they stuffed them with food? You, tell me. What better way? 

It’s been such an hectic 2020, but these ceremonies will still be. What we don’t tell one another but tuck away behind these ceremonies is that, we’re thankful to whoever it is, controlling the switch up there, for keeping us.  After all, nah who dey alive dey sorosoke. These weddings, burials, naming ceremonies etc. will almost tear some families’ pockets. But are those not the sacrifices on which our African culture fattens?

Authored By Jimoh Asiat Ayobami

Jimoh Asiat Ayobami, also known as Bámi is a creative writer and storyteller. She freelances as a copywriter and tutor.
She currently serves as Chief Content Writer with Thrillz Nigeria, a communication brand in Nigeria.
Her short story, Grandpa’s Burial won her the second runner-up prize at the Panacea Short Story and Essay Contest 2020. Her works have featured in various publications including LightIn, Spaces.

When Bámi isn’t stir-frying words, or giving sneak-peaks into her recipe, in the name of tutorials, she’s consuming nature in all its beautiful forms or relishing art, usually in the company of something sweet.

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