Art Of Jik-Reuben & Caasi: Fusing African and Scandinavian Aesthetics

Art Of Jik-Reuben & Caasi: Merging African and Scandinavian Aesthetics

Patrolling the internet is now an addictive hobby for us. It’s one of the ways with which we find great content to serve you. Just call us the lion that prowls the environs of the internet, in search of beautiful African content to curate/create. LOL.
Just a while ago, our eyes caught a sneak peek of the Afro-Viking Photoshoot by Jik-Reuben and his friend, Caasi Salmon, and we thought to share it with you.

Jik-Reuben Pringle is popular for his creatively eccentric ideas, little wonder he calls himself the Visual Ninja. He’s a renowned Jamaican Photographer whose works reek of undiluted passion and proficiency. In lieu off his deftness with his art, it’s perfectly safe to say he shoots timeless images and creates timeless art. What’s more beautiful is that most of his works are quite Afrocentric.

Here’s another one of his extensively Afrocentric shoots, but with a spice of Scandinavian Aesthetics. It was inspired by Caasi Salmon, a Jamaican Model and Creative. Jik-Reuben recounts how she shared the results of a genetic ancestry test that she had done with him. It revealed that 87.5% of her ancestry is West African, with a significant portion of that being Nigerian lineage. However, this definitely wasn’t all the spur.

In his words,
What had me laughing in disbelief, however, was the fact that she’s also 0.6% Scandinavian. Vikings came from the countries, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway which together make up what we know as Scandinavia. This could have been a coincidence or just everything falling into place the way it should have, but I’ve been an avid viewer of Viking television shows over the years, and I was inspired to fuse some simple Viking aesthetics with my usual African-influenced shoots.

In a matter time, Jik-Reuben pitches the idea to Caasi. He simply saw it as a great opportunity to work with her and execute his first major film photography project. (2019)

With the help of Kelly Shane, who was also on the team for the execution of this project, Jik-Reuben used West African Adinkra symbols to beautify Caasi’s neck and shoulders, similarly to how Vikings adorned their necks and head with Norse symbols. For the costuming, Caasi brought a chain headpiece and Jik-Reuben simply provided a beautiful black and red, African print fabric from his collection.

The project was shot with natural light in an outdoor studio, on Black/White film and Colour film.

Colour Film:

Black and White Film:

The mix of African cultures with others to craft looks like this, is something you know we definitely adore. It just never gets old!


Photography: Visual NinjaJik-Reuben Pringle
Model: Caasi Salmon
Backdrop and Lighting: Bazzle
Makeup: Kelly Shane
Photography Assistant: Wade Rhoden
General Assistance: Davy
Location:  Wade Rhoden’s outdoor studio

Visit for more of Jik-Reuben’s works.


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